Welcome to the new Creator Economy

Where your content as creators, your engagement as fans and your data as humans is yours to own and control Bringing fans and brands together on a decentralised and democratised platform where everyone can Create, Collect, Curate and Connect around shared passions


Art and Technology combine in the creator economy

  • Creation tools at your fingertips
  • Create your own digital art and collectibles celebrating your passions, in film, television, music, sports, games and more
  • MetaFrames is bringing top consumer and entertainment brands and fans together to create and showcase officially licensed art including fan art

For Creators and Artists

IP Protection

Our platform and team will protect your creations from unauthorised copying

Premium Licences

We have licenses from consumer and entertainment brands and are adding more to the platform every week

Value Proposition

Your creations will be officially endorsed and promoted more widely reaching a global audience

Enhanced Earnings

Earn from your creations and drive significant long term value creation through: Higher value licensed digital art and collectibles, Lower Fees and Royalties on secondary sales


Explore a wide range of collections in every passion vertical

Collect limited edition and one off artworks, music tokens, skins, characters, and other in game items, digital trading cards, virtual fashion items, play to earn tokens, utility tokens and slot much more

For Collectors

Whatever your interests and passions are we will have something for you

Film and TV

Celebrate the icons of film and television from the last 100 years


Artwork inspired by legendary recording artists and songwriters

Video Games

Iconic video game art from the original artists and creators of the games and incredible fan artworks


Your favourite characters from classic stories brought to life in another medium


Collect and organise your Digital Art and Collectibles

Curate your collection in a 3D and VR world you can create your personal space in your vision with galleries and screening rooms and more


participate in the new Creator and Passion Economies

Brand Protection

Blockchain guarantee, IP custodianship and alignment with your ESG values


Promote deeper engagement with your fans, their fandom and introduce your IP and brands to a new global audience

Seed Content

Seed forthcoming content to build engagement and gauge audience reaction


Generate financing at an early stage


Create and share, bringing people together

Invite your friends to view your curated collections and connect around your shared passions whilst exploring new interests


Our team has decades of experience in senior positions within media and entertainment, venture capital and investment banking with leading companies. Our commercial and legal teams includes experts in intellectual property licensing with deep relationships in the worlds of film, television, music, games slot gacor, sports and many other sectors. All of our people have a passion for art, collectibles, and alternative investments.

MetaFrames was founded by Sanjay Wadhwani, who has held senior roles in media investment and venture capital bocoran slot, including as the founder and former CEO of Ascension Ventures, one of the leaders in early stage investments in the UK.

Our Team

Sanjay Wadhwani

CEO and Founder

Neil Bowler

Commercial Director



Monty Anderson


Steph Seruna

Licensing Manager



Stay in touch with us as we prepare for launch

We are looking for artists, curators, licensors and brands to join us as we build a new platform in the Creator and Passion economies

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