Creative studio MetaFrames will support VIEWBUG’s 3.5 million members to monetise their work in the new creator economy


For immediate release – London, UK, 24 March, 2022: (MetaFrames) – a next generation media company serving the arts and creative industries through blockchain – has announced its partnership with global photography and photo sharing community VIEWBUG. MetaFrames will become VIEWBUG’s official NFT (non-fungible token), Web3 and virtual gallery partner. The collaboration will support photographers and creators who wish to branch out into the world of NFTs and share their passion for photography.

The partnership will enable members of VIEWBUG’s photography community to create their own virtual galleries on the MetaFrames platform, and curate and tailor their own 3D and VR spaces. VIEWBUG’s users will be given access to MetaFrames’ creator tools, as well as IP protection, premium licences with leading consumer and entertainment brands and have the opportunity to earn from their creations with sales and royalties.

Sanjay Wadhwani, CEO and Founder of MetaFrames, comments: “At MetaFrames, we are huge advocates of the creator economy – one that is fuelled by creators earning direct revenue from their own work. In order for this to become a major part of the global economy, collaboration across the creative industries is key – which is why this partnership with VIEWBUG unlocks so much potential for both businesses and creators alike. We hope the collaboration between MetaFrames and VIEWBUG will enable creators, artists and photographers to take the leap into the world of NFTs and the metaverse.”

Ori Guttin, Co-Founder of VIEWBUG, adds: “Our passion and mission has always been to empower creatives worldwide, and the partnership with MetaFrames will ensure we take this to the next level for our users. We are two businesses that share the same values and vision towards the future, and we could not be more excited to help build the metaverse together.”

The size of the global creator economy is estimated to be over $100 billion, with experts pointing to the recent boom being brought about by changes to working patterns and structure as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The NFT market continues to grow rapidly, with global sales of NFTs hitting $25 billion in 2021, and predictions suggesting a market valuation of more than $80 billion by 2025.

The Web3 boom is also breaking into the realm of photography: the sale of Justin Aversano’s Twin Flame series in 2021 for a record breaking $1.11 million demonstrates a growing appetite, with many photographers (including fashion photographer Marco Glaviano) entering the space as a means of sharing their work and generating an income.

“With 50 million active creators across the globe, just a small fraction are generating a full income from their endeavours. One of the driving forces behind MetaFrames is to place a greater share of the wealth created online back into the hands of the original creators – and to provide a safe space in which they can create, collect and connect with one another.” Wadhwani concludes.

MetaFrames is a decentralised and democratised platform for creators, artists, photographers and brands, due to launch in June 2022. The London-based startup is focused on building a platform that is community focused and will fully safeguard its users against unauthorised copying and ensure creatives enjoy royalties on secondary sales.

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About MetaFrames:

MetaFrames Creative Studios (MetaFrames) is a London-based startup powered by blockchain technology and with a vision to promote and support the creator economy. Founded by CEO Sanjay Wadhwani – a veteran of the media and venture capital industries – MetaFrames is a decentralised platform connecting fans and iconic brands; enabling users to Create, Collect, Curate and Connect. 

MetaFrames is building a secure community for the creatives. With an outstanding creative team of artists, game designers and blockchain developers, the platform is providing brands with creative solutions for entering the metaverse; taming the wild west of the current NFT world and promising the creation of licensed, high-quality art.

MetaFrames will be launching in Q2, 2022.

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VIEWBUG is a unique photography community, working to connect millions of visual creators around the world with the tools to help them grow their craft. VIEWBUG aims to facilitate the sharing of photos, foster collaboration and reward creativity.

VIEWBUG was founded in San Diego, California, in 2012 by two professional photographers, Ori Guttin and Jimmy Lozowsky, and has since grown its reach and membership throughout the globe. With over 3.5 million members, and more than 411,000 Instagram followers and 500,000 followers on Facebook, it is the largest photo contest community in the world.

The two founders, Ori Guttin and Jimmy Lozowsky, are photo fanatics, and have a shared mission to empower creators.

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